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    Do you have a wish that's honest and attainable? Please submit a proposal, so Student Commission can grant your wish!!!

    Activities 2018-19

    Tim Gilmore has made claims that he runs and operates the LB Poly Alumni Association and the LB Poly Alumni and Community Association in order to raise funds for various purposes to benefit LB Poly and its students.  Be advised that Tim Gilmore does not operate with LBUSD Board approval as required by California Education Code section 51521.  His relationship with the LB Poly Alumni Association was terminated in 2012, but for years after that, he continued to tell people that he was the President of the LB Poly Alumni Association.  More recently, he tells unwary potential donors that he is the President of the LB Poly High Scholars and Champions Alumni Association or sometimes the LB Poly Football Players Association or sometimes the SAC/PFA.  To date, Tim Gilmore and the older associations have given extremely small amounts to Poly.  Those contributions have been small and sporadic with years going by between them.  His new associations have given nothing to Poly.  Tim Gilmore is not an alumnus of LB Poly High School and is not the president of the LB Poly Alumni Association.  He does not work with the Poly administration, plays no role in helping Poly with any of its programs.  The LBUSD strongly advises against making any charitable contributions through these organizations or through him.”

    Summer Bridge 2018

    When: August 20, 23, & 24
    Time: 8:00-1:30

    Lunch is provided
    Registration Link
    Register by 6/22/18

    This summer we have TWO Summer Bridge programs

    9th Grade Summer Bridge for ALL incoming 9th graders.
    During Freshman summer bridge you will make new friends, engage in interactive activities, learn to navigate the campus, ask questions of former 9th-grade students and acquire skills to help you be successful in your first year on a high school campus.

    AP Summer Bridge
    AP Summer Bridge is for any student who is about to take their first AP class, or who would like to be more successful in their next AP class.

    The Flagship High School of Long Beach Unified School District

    Top 10 Reasons to Attend
    The Home of Scholars, Champions, and Musicians


    10. ACTIVITIES: Poly student activities include over 100 on-campus clubs, an Association Student Body honored by the ...more


    It All Happens At Poly



    Is it a Green or Gold Day?

    Green Day / Gold Day Calendar

    Need Help?

    Call the National Suicide Hotline
    24 hours a day!
    (800) 784-2433

    Poly counselors are available at:
    (562) 591-0581, Ext. 5121


    Spirit Gear

    Gear Online Store

    To be athletically cleared to participate on any sports team (first or second sport), the athlete must be cleared by signing up on the following website

    Athletic Clearance Website

    Once completed, please

    PRINT the confirmation page and completed physical this must be brought to Poly and signed by the following people:

    1. Banker
    2. Nurse (with completed physical)
    3. Book Room

    When you have the form completed and signed by the above people submit the form to Timi Garcia (Athletic Secretary) for GPA verification and final approval.

    Your coach will be notified when you are cleared by the school.


    Download Physical Form