The full Poly experience includes participation in the school’s diverse
clubs and activities.  These “Beyond the Classroom” functions provide
students with a positive social environment which will help prepare
them for a lifetime of service to their communities.
A small sampling of clubs and activities include:
·                   Over 100 on-campus service and social clubs
·                   Formal and informal dances
·                   Lunchtime spirit rallies
·                   Homecoming Faire
·                   Intercultural Faire
·                   Assistance in community clean-ups
·                   Assistance in community activities
·                   Community welfare projects
·                   School beautification projects
·                   Elementary school tutoring
·                   Elected into office by peers
·                   Oversees the ASB Budget
·                   Makes financial decisions on behalf of the
                       entire student body
·                   Members participate in most activities listed above
Today: 8/26/16

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