Beach Academy
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Bailey, Nichola (562) 591-0581 ex.5465 Teacher
Boettger, Patricia (562) 591-0581 ex.5409 Teacher
Boyd, Kerry Teacher
Burt, John (562) 591-0581 ex.5411 Teacher
Dao, Anthony Teacher
Kelso, Paul Teacher
Kwelberg, E Gayle Teacher
Lass, Laurel Teacher
Lipson, Janet (562) 591-0581 ex.x5412 Teacher
Luttrell, Kevin ex.5462 Teacher
Mulvaney, Shannon ex.5433 Teacher
Phan, Rina (562) 591-0581 ex.5470 Teacher
Shock, Rob (562) 591-0581 ex.5116 Dean/Boy's Athletic Director
Skvor, Helen (562) 591-0581 ex.5210 Teacher
Temple, Ryan (562) 591-0581 ex.5123 Beach Counselor Ext.5123
~Account, ~Inactive Teacher

BEACH Course of study

This is the list of suggested courses you take as a part of the BEACH academy.  Click on the resources below to view the document.  If there are further questions, contact Mr. Temple at extension 5123.

Beach Academy Flyer

Below is the official Beach Academy of Math and Science Flyer.  It contains most of the infomation you might want about the academy.  If you have further questions please feel free to call Mr. Temple at ext.5123.

Beach Academy Locker

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