CIC tutoring

 Tutoring is available to CIC students in currently 3 formats.

1. Polywide tutoring with Poly staff in all levels of Eng, Math, Sci and Hist (Wed and Thurs 3:00-4:00 Library)

   Dr Gundry is available for BIOLOGY on Wednesdays, Ms. Tram is available for SocScience (US History especially), and Ms. Mercado is available on Thursdays for MATH (PreCalculus Honors and AP Calculus especially)

2. Peer tutoring through the PACE/CIC Office (Rm107) - see Ms Grundhauser

3. Tutors for Hire are available (please see Ms Arredondo-we have contact info, but no specific, personal experience with most of these)

4. Free CSULB student tutoring thru the Centro Salud ES Cultura program

T, Wed, Th - 3:00-6:00  Contact 562-261-8370

5. Free tutoring at McBride Park behind Poly Contact 562-570-1605 for dates and times

6. Free Khan Academy online tutoring in Math and Science AND SAT Prep (

7. (Please see Mr. Koshy in Rm607 or the AP Cafe on Tues-Wed-Thurs to set up an account

8. Larson Math text resources

Choose "Common Core High School" as the program, then your text, chapter, section and example/exercise

Instructional videos and Solutions worked out for Odd Numbered Problems (

9. For AP and SAT/PSAT Prep tutoring, see below.



AP Tutoring and SAT/PSAT Tutoring Options

AP Tutoring is offered in Room 250 (AP Cafe) on the third floor of the Science Building right off the stairwell against the north wall facing the 150 World Languages Building.   3:00-4:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday-most AP classes  See the AP Website under Academics off the main Poly website for further details and calendar of teacher offerings


SAT Prep - Juniors may register in October in the Career Center for Dec to Feb class for New Redesigned SAT offered in March


PSAT Score back Night - January 19 6:00 PM in the Poly Library


Mock SAT and ACT Exams - inquire in the Career Center 

Schmoop, Khan Academy and College Board all offer practice opportunities online for students (Contact Mr. Inui or Ms. Arredondo for details)

CIC Opportunities

UCLA Global Leadership Conference (Juniors only)

Updated Jan 23, 2017

The Academic Affairs Commission of UCLA's undergraduate student government is planning its SIXTH Annual GLConference and is seeking students from CIC and PacRim.  Additionally, there is a second GLConference planned to be held at USC, so we plan to send a second group of students to USC's FIRST GLConference as well.  At this point, I don't know if they will limit us to one or the other school, but we will try to send groups to both (but you must choose which program to participate in-not both)


The Global Leadership Connection at UCLA (and USC) brings together high school juniors from various schools in the county in order to develop strong leadership skills and cultivate confidence and character within young diverse individuals. This will be the sixth year CIC has had the opportunity to take part in the program (and the first for USC).   Both GLC programs are completely student-run, and operate under the Academic Affairs Commission of the Undergraduate Student Association Council.


The programs consist of a three-day conference for UCLA or a two-day conference for USC.  Participants are asked to submit an online application with essay questions, share in a 15-minute personal interview, and participate in an interactive leadership program in which students attend seminars about leadership, the college experience, and character building.


Last year, a GLC Male and Female "Youth Leader of the Year" were selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship to a college of their choice. In the previous three years, CIC's Terence Rustia and his sister, PACE's Samantha Rustia, as well as PACE's CJ Salapare have been winners of this event.  


Two to four students received a $500 scholarship, and 10 students received $100 scholarships. Each participating student was recognized and received a certificate. The top two students participated in an all expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the GLC Leadership Experience. Similar awards will be presented this year.


The following is the schedule of events and participants MUST attend all three (or two for USC) events to be eligible for the awards.

  • Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 (8:30am-3:30pm) at the Kerckhoff Grand Salon, UCLA—Global Leadership Conference

  • Saturday, February 25th, 2017 (10:00am-2:00pm) at the Kerckhoff State Rooms, UCLA—Scholarship Interviews

  • Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 (6:30-8:30pm) at Hillel at UCLA (574 Hilgard. Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90024) —GLC Scholarship and Awards Program

USC dates will follow when available.


CIC and PacRim will be selecting representatives based on respondents. All portions of the GLC program will be held at UCLA. There is no cost to the students, families, or high schools involved, other than transportation to and from the events, and parking.


The three-day conference and the GLC Leadership Experience in Washington D.C. are life changing opportunities, and we hope to see many applications.


CIC juniors should contact Ms. Arredondo or Mr. Inui.  PacRim juniors should contact Mr. Inui or Ms. Valdez.  

DEADLINE for CONSIDERATION in these programs IS JANUARY 31st.  Interested students must contact one of us by then to be eligible.  Essay topics and application will be made available ONLY to students selected to attend.

Young Senators' Program - 33rd District State Sen. Raul Lara

The Office of Senator Lara is reaching out to LB Poly sophomores and juniors for the 2016 Young Senator's Program. The application is attached and also available online at:   


Deadline is Jan. 29th 2016.


Sen. Lara's aide, Ms. Saro, will be making presentations in various classes to answer any questions students might have (if your teacher has approved the visit.)


Below is a link to a 2014 2014 that showcases the program.


CIC junior Kyle Thurmond was our representative this past year as Young Senator for Sen. Lara's Office.


CIC Young Senators' 2016 Application

Port of Long Beach Scholarship 2016

Students interested in the annual Port of Long Beach Scholarship should complete and submit the attached application by January 16, 2016.

Applicants should have a 3.0 or better GPA, have an intent to register for college in the fall, and have an interest in international trade, goods movement and/or careers in the Port of Long Beach.

A 500-word essay is required (a little more than one page)

 PoLB Scholarship 2016

Rancho Los Cerritos Volunteers

    Hi, all,

   Anyone interested in participating in the Rancho Los Cerritos volunteer program in the Virginia Country Club should 

RSVP to 562-206-2040

Volunteer Info Mtg Wed Sep 30 at 4:00 PM

4600 Virginia Rd, LB 90807

CIC College Application Page

For information on VISITING Colleges, click here CollBd Campus Visit Checklist

For information on the connection between selection and SAT/ACT testing, click here CollBd Selection ACT SAT

For information on PLANNING for College in your senior year, click here CollBd College Planner Sr Year

For information on HOW and WHAT to write for your College Essay, click here CollBd Essay Advice

For information on Financial Aid and financing college, click here CollBd Financial Aid Info

For information on getting Letters of Recommendation, how they affect your selection, whom to ask, et al, click here CollBd Letter of Rec Advice

For a checklist to make sure you have completed everything you need to apply for college, click here CollBd Application Checklist

See CIC Main Page for information on SAT and ACT registration/test dates



Project ECHO information

   For students interested in PROJECT ECHO, please see the CIC-Staff Pages webpage (RIGHT column)

Long Beach-Yokkaichi Sister City Trio and Environmental Summit Programs

See CIC Staff-Pages for information on this program

UCLA Confucius Institute Program in China

See CIC Staff-Pages for information on this program