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We, as a brotherhood, are devoted to developing relationships based on trust, communication, and respect.

We are loyal members of our group, regardless of race, and are committed to furthering the growth of our brotherhood and our neighborhood.

We challenge historical stereotypes and avoid any racial negativity that may hinder our progress or limit our success.

We are determined scholars who are devoted to the moral, social, and academic standards that we have set for ourselves and our peers.

We believe that hard work and dedication will set the foundation for our future and will be the main stay for our personal development.

We are a brotherhood.

We are the Poly Male Academy.

The LB Polytechnic High School Male Academy Vision

It is our desire at Poly to create an atmosphere of success for our male students. It is an atmosphere that is based on a sense of brotherhood and a belonging to an alliance that is dedicated to the sole purpose of becoming a successful man. It is a holistic environment that is focused on empowering our young men to not only accept academic and social challenges, but to conquer them. We believe that when these young men are given a meaningful purpose; they can accomplish a tremendous amount of good for themselves and their community.


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Male Academy

Beach Clean Up


2016 Homecoming Faire



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VB Icon Presents: 2013 Male Academy Exhibition at Jordan HS

IMG952175.jpg IMG_1415.jpg IMG_1418.jpg IMG_1489.jpg IMG_1491.jpg IMG_1492.jpg IMG_1494.jpg photo.JPG

2010 Poly Male Academy Student: Deshaunte Lewis Earns All-American Honors at Cerritos College

2.jpg 3.jpg 11.jpg



Brotha's Gonna Work It Out Conference

Brotha's Gonna Work It Out Conference


Congratulations to Ja'Cole Jenkins for representing Poly's Male Academy at the 18th Annual Brotha's Gonna Work It Out Conference held @ Cal State University San Marcos on March 8, 2013.  He displayed great leadership and poise as he presented to over 100 male students from the San Diego Unified School District.  J'Cole, along with eleven other students from various Long Beach Male Academies did an outstanding job of representing their program and their individual schools.  You should be very proud.  Again, great job Ja'Cole!  Thanks
Cliff Parks & Alex Chavez
MA and CSULB MENS Alliance.JPG

Poly's MA Members Share their Experiences with Washington MS

MS Visit.JPG

Mr. Parks and Mr. Chavez Enlightened the Group about Issues in Our Community

Mr. Parks and Chavez Enlightened Group about Issues in Our Community

2013 MLK Peace Parade

20130119_101151.jpg 20130119_104559.jpg MLK-photo-1024x7761.jpg mlk.JPG

VB Icon Visits with MA about "Building Profitable Relationships"

VB Icon Visits with MA about

2012-2013 Poly/PAAL Male Academy

2012-2013 Poly/PAAL Male Academy

2012 Male Academy Dodgeball Tournament

IMAG0737.jpg IMAG0739.jpg imagejpeg_2_19.jpg imagejpeg_2_22.jpg imagejpeg_2_27.jpg imagejpeg_2_28.jpg imagejpeg_2_29.jpg

Male Academy Visits UCLA

Male Academy Visits UCLA

4th Annual Think Tank Conference

May 9, 2012

Poly’s Male Academy was invited to participate in UCLA’s Black Male Institute- 4th Annual Think Tank Conference. The Conference lead workshops dealing with: college preparatory information (A-G Requirements), using the “N” word, Black Males sexual decisions, leadership and success, and the portrayal of males in Hip-Hop.  

2012 UCLA Think Tank Hosted by the Black Male Institute

IMAG0633.jpg IMAG0638.jpg IMAG0639.jpg IMAG0640.jpg IMAG0641.jpg IMAG0642.jpg IMAG0643.jpg IMAG0644.jpg IMAG0645.jpg IMAG0647.jpg IMAG0648.jpg IMAG0649.jpg IMAG0650.jpg IMAG0651.jpg IMAG0652.jpg IMAG0653.jpg IMAG0654.jpg IMAG0655.jpg IMAG0656.jpg IMAG0658.jpg IMAG0659.jpg IMAG0660.jpg IMAG0661.jpg IMAG0662.jpg IMAG0663.jpg IMAG0664.jpg IMAG0665.jpg IMAG0666.jpg IMAG0667.jpg IMAG0668.jpg IMAG0669.jpg IMAG0670.jpg IMAG0671.jpg IMAG0672.jpg IMAG0673.jpg IMAG0674.jpg IMAG0675.jpg IMAG0676.jpg IMAG0677.jpg IMAG0678.jpg IMAG0679.jpg IMAG0680.jpg IMAG0681.jpg IMAG0682.jpg IMAG0683.jpg IMAG0684.jpg IMAG0686.jpg IMAG0687.jpg IMAG0688.jpg IMAG0689.jpg IMAG0690.jpg IMAG0691.jpg IMAG0692.jpg imagejpeg_2_15.jpg

Washington Middle School Visits Poly's Male Academy

IMG_0528.JPG IMG_0529.JPG IMG_0530.JPG IMG_0531.JPG IMG_0532.JPG IMG_0533.JPG IMG_0535.JPG

2011-2012 Male Academy

2011-2012 Male Academy

Mr. Parks (Project Team) Shares Some Spoken Word with Poly's MA

IMAG0261.jpg IMAG0262.jpg IMAG0263.jpg IMAG0264.jpg IMAG0265.jpg

Damon Dunn, a former NFL player, recently initiated and funded a Future Business Leaders Academy mentoring program for high school students in LBUSD. Dunn came to encouraged and inspire the Poly young men.

DDunn.jpg DDunn 2.jpg DDunn 3.jpg

MA Students Participate in the 2012 MLK Parade

MA Students Participate in the 2012 MLK Parade
IMG_11.jpg IMG_17.jpg IMG_18.jpg IMG_19.jpg IMG_20.jpg IMG_21.jpg IMG_22.jpg IMG_23.jpg

2012 Why'd You Stop Me Program Comes Back to Poly HS.

scenario.jpg scenario 1.jpg scenario 2.jpg urban1.jpg urban2.jpg urban3.jpg

MA Students Serve Rootbeer Float at the Annual Homecoming Faire

Faire Shane and Rico.jpg Faire Shane.jpg

2010-2011 Male Academy


Project TEAM Presents "A Call for Action" Leadership Conference (see News Archives below)

Project TEAM Presents

"Goals for Life" Rick Neil (Chairman) and Reggie Berry (Executive Director) visit Poly's Male Academy (see News Archives below)

Reggie Berry 4-13-11.jpg

Long Beach Police Officer's Visit with Poly's Male Academy (see News Archives below)



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Poly's Male Academy sells Root Beer Float's at the 2011 Intercultural Faire

Poly's Male Academy sells Root Beer Float's at the 2011 Intercultural Faire

Butler and Robinson's Male Academies Visit Poly High Schools’ Male Academy

LBUSD Male Leadership & Math Academy students will visited PolyHigh School on Friday February 4th, 2011.   The activity was designed to help enhance Middle/K-8 students’ transition to high school and expose students to the excitement and opportunities available at a vibrant LBUSD high school campus.

SD530846.JPG SD530848.JPG SD530849.JPG SD530850.JPG SD530851.JPG SD530852.JPG SD530853.JPG SD530859.JPG SD530860.JPG SD530856.JPG SD530862.JPG SD530865.JPG SD530866.JPG SD530867.JPG SD530868.JPG SD530869.JPG SD530870.JPG SD530874.JPG SD530875.JPG SD530876.JPG SD530878.JPG SD530880.JPG

Winners of the 2nd Annual Male Academy Dodgeball Tournament


2nd Annual Male Academy Dodgeball Tournament

IMG00145.jpg IMG00146.jpg SD530761.JPG SD530762.JPG SD530763.JPG SD530764.JPG SD530765.JPG SD530766.JPG SD530767.JPG SD530768.JPG SD530769.JPG SD530771.JPG SD530773.JPG SD530774.JPG SD530775.JPG SD530777.JPG SD530778.JPG SD530780.JPG SD530807.JPG SD530781.JPG

Martin Luther King Jr. Parade (Jan 2010)

January 16, 2010

Students from the Poly HS Male Academy marched in the city's 22nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace and Unity Parade. The parade began on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue at the ...more

IMG_9956.jpg IMG_9950.jpg IMG_9944.jpg IMG_9935.jpg IMG_9951.jpg IMG_9955.jpg IMG_9954.jpg IMG_9956.jpg IMG_9950.jpg IMG_9944.jpg IMG_9935.jpg IMG_9951.jpg IMG_9955.jpg IMG_9954.jpg 1.jpg

Poly's Male Academy Hosts Butler & Robinson's MA/ML Academies (Spring 2010)

Puth, Vincent

Activities Locker

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