PACE, Program of Additional Curricular Experiences, was created in 1975 to provide an authentic and rigorous secondary school opportunity to advanced students, and the program has continued to meet this lofty goal throughout its forty years of existence.  A genuine love of learning and high motivation characterize the typical PACE student; dedication to their students and commitment to providing engaging and innovative content characterize PACE faculty members.  A structured curricular sequence ensures that all PACE students receive the same excellent teaching in core areas (English, math, science, and social science) from these specially chosen teachers throughout the freshman, sophomore, and junior years.  The number of possible electives increases dramatically in the senior year to allow students to present themselves and their interests to the colleges to which will apply.  These electives, primarily College Board Advanced Placement classes offered by our exceptional staff, frequently confer college credit.



Rather than pursuing a single Linked Learning industry sector, PACE has elected to offer two “concentrations” of course work and work-based learning experiences to link the world of work to the classroom.  These concentrations include economics/entrepreneurship and STEM.  Students may follow any or all of the curricular sequences of a concentration, as their interests direct them, which then guide students in their choice of college or university. 


PACE remains the gold standard in specialized secondary programs due to our continuous pledge to growth and to providing academic excellence.  Our students gain the content knowledge and study skills necessary to succeed in the most competitive of higher learning environments.   Importantly, they also develop the traits required of ethical and productive citizens.  Selecting PACE allows one to see the difference a truly exceptional secondary education can make.

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