La France gastronomique

C'est une cuisine fameuse  dans le monde entier.


Vite, vite, un artiste coupe mon profile au sommet de Montmartre.

Silvia Battigalli

Mme Battigalli

Bienvenus!  En entrant dans ma classe, vous entrez dans un espace francophone qui bientôt deviendra aussi confortable que votre propre maison, ou au moins c'est ce que j'espère pour vous.

Welcome!  As you get into my classroom, you enter a French speaking space that, I hope, will soon become as confortable as your own home. 

Material needed for French 3-4, 5-6 and AP

* Three ring binder+ one 100 pages spiral notebook for vocabulary and 4 dividers for Grammar, Reading materials, Charts and Returned work.

The organization of the French AP notebook is going to be different but you'll need at least 4-5 dividers.

* Dry erase markers two contrasting colors that you'll keep replacing as they tend to dry + something with which to erase the 'ardoise'.

* Highlighters (at least two different colors) and 2-3 three colored pens, besides at least one or two black pens.

* A French-English dictionary to keep at home.  Also, download on your phone and your home computer or laptop "Word Reference".

Japanese-French holiday celebration

Our classes got together to teacher each other a typical craft from the culture we are studying and to sing holiday songs in the target language.  It was lovely to see these kids work h appily side by side

Les nymphees de Monet

Les nymphées de Monet

Bernard Henri Levy

Philosophe et homme de culture

Jean-Paul Sartre

Mme Battigalli avec le grand philosophe et écrivain existentialiste

French Exchange 2016

French Exchange 2016

Forging friendships across the pond

Lesson taught by one of our French guests

Silvia Battigalli Locker

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