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CIC-Staff Pages

CIC Staff and Contact Information

Mr. Inui  Program Facilitator

jinui@lbschools.net   Rm132 x5196


Ms. Arredondo   Counselor

garredondo@lbschools.net   Rm117  x5125


Ms. Smith  Asst. Principal

trsmith@lbschools.net   Rm119 x5208


Mr. Adler AP Seminar/AP US Gov't and AP Comp Gov/ AP Micro and AP MacroEcon

dadler@lbschools.net  Rm 901  x5218 Conf Per 1


Ms. Alcorn   AP World History/ModWldHist Accel (Gr10)

TAlcorn@lbschools.net   RmP-8 x5858 Conf Per 6


Mr. Beaulac Geography/Int'l Relations (Gr9)

cbeaulac@lbschools.net   Rm413 x5179 Conf Per 8

Mr. Cooperider English 1-2 Accel. (Gr9)

jcooperider@lbschools.net  Rm408 x5403   Conf Per 9


Mr. Elvidge  Geometry Accel. (Gr9)

jelvidge@lbschools.net  Rm913 x5214 Conf Per 1


Mr. Fillipow  Intro to Lab Physical Sci Accel (Gr9)

mfillipow@lbschools.net   Rm259 x5467 Conf Per 5


Mrs. Scipio   Biology Accel (Gr10)

gcorverahernandez@lbschools.net   Rm 270  x5251  Conf Per 5


Ms. Hess  AP EngLang (Gr11)

shess@lbschools.net  Rm708 x5426 Conf Per 1


Mr. Kawai Physics 1-2 (Gr 9, 11 and 12)

mkawai@lbschools.net    Rm701W x5184 Conf Per 3


Ms. Kawasaki   Japanese 3-4/5-6/7-8

kkawasaki@lbschools.net   Rm163 x5480 Conf Per 6


Ms. Mercado  Pre Cal Honors (Gr11)/ AP Calculus AB (Gr12)

cmercado@lbschools.net  Rm557    x5200     Conf Per 8


Mr. Nguyen  Algebra 2/Trig Accel./Algebra 2 (Gr10)

snguyen@lbschools.net  Rm606 x5421 Conf Per 1


Mr. Schwichtenberg  AP US Gov't/US Gov't Accel/Econ (Gr12)

sschwichtenberg@lbschools.net   Rm312 x5289 Conf Per 8


Mr. Shaheen  Chemistry 1-2/Honors Chemistry (Gr11)

ashaheen@lbschools.net     Rm253 x5465 Conf Per None


Ms. Suojanen Japanese 1-2 (Gr9)

rsuojanen@lbschools.net   Rm207     x5263   Conf Per 1


Ms. Tram AP US History/US History Honors (Gr11)

ctram@lbschools.net    Rm407 x5176 Conf Per None


Ms. Vitale    AP English Lit (Gr12)

jvitale@lbschools.net   Rm404 x5401 Conf Per None


Ms. Watson  Japanese 3-4/5-6 Hon/AP Japanese

susanwatson@lbschools.net    Rm157 x5477 Conf Per 9


Dr. Zhu Chinese 1-2/3-4/5-6/7-8/AP Chinese

mzhu@lbschools.net    Rm215 x5266 Conf Per 6


Ms. Zobel English 3-4 Accel.

mzobel@lbschools.net  Rm204    x5271    Conf Per 6



Ms. Chan-Jadus   Algebra 1/Algebra 2

ychanjadus@lbschools.net  Rm907    x5211 Conf Per 4

CIC Summer Readings 2016

See CIC Main Page for information on Summer Readings


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Long Beach-Yokkaichi Sister City Trio and Environmental Summit Program 2016

The biannual Trio Exchange between Long Beach and her sister city, Yokkaichi, in Japan received one male and one female student representative from Long Beach, in addition to one teacher/adult chaperone from Yokkaichi, Japan in 2016.

This coming year, in reverse, a teacher and two student representatives will be journeying as representatives from Long Beach to Yokkaichi, Japan for approximately ten days.


 Dates To Be Announced


CIC and PACE students hosted Trio ambassadors this summer, and in 2018, we will again be looking for HOST families who would be interesting in hosting Japanese teenage students and/or teachers.  As was done this year, the 10-day visit CAN be split between Host Families.  


If you are interested in being a Trio representative OR in hosting a Japanese student, please contact Mr. Inui at jinui@lbschools.net for more information.  This program is open to ANY student in the Japanese Language Program at LB Polytechnic High School and is NOT limited to CIC or PACE students.


Additionally, students from Long Beach will again be participating in the annual Environmental Summit program in Japan in 2017 in Yokkaichi, Japan, so we are looking for students with an interest in working with students from Yokkaichi, Japan and Tianjin, China on environmental topics.

Kakehashi Project Japan Exchange 2016

    In July 2016, Japanese teacher Susan Watson and US History teacher Christine Tram will chaperone a group of students Grades 9-12 to take part in the Kakehashi Project for national and cultural awareness of Japan.  Students will travel to various cities to learn about the country, its people, and its culture in order to learn how Japan is enduring and recovering from the devastating tsunami of 2012.  The tour will last 10 days and will include visits to government and private business offices to learn about the Japanese economy.  In February, students will come from Japan to learn a little about America.  At this time, we will need host families for approximately 23 students and two adults.  If you would be interested in hosting, please let Mr. Inui know at jinui@lbschools.net.  This opportunity is NOT sponsored by the LBUSD or Poly and is available only to students in the Japanese program.