CIC at CHOICE Presentations 2017-2018

Families and students are welcome to attend the Poly CHOICE Night, and/or the High School CHOICE Faires at Long Beach City College-PCH Campus (Oct 21) and LBCC-Clark Ave Campus (Nov 4) where CIC will present the 4-year curriculum, discuss the Civic Leadership Pathway and answer questions about the program and application process.


The CHOICE District Faires  will be held at from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon (times not confirmed as of Sept 26, 2017).  Students will be able to attend presentations by ALL Pathways from ALL high schools at these two events (Oct 21 and Nov 4, 2017).


Poly High School's CHOICE Night will be November 28th, 2017 (Tuesday) 5:30-8:00 PM in the LIBRARY (general events begin in the Poly Gym)

Presentation I 6:40-7:15 (times may change as I get more info on the evening)

Presentation II 7:25-8:00. (times may change as I get more info on the evening)


Parents and students will be able to visit up to three programs on the same evening (most likely).


We hope to meet you at one of the above CHOICE events!

CIC CHOICE/Gr8 Applicants

CIC 2017-18 Admission Criteria

     There will be no CIC Supplemental Application for the 2017-18 CHOICE Process.  Admission is based on a 3.50 AcGPA or higher and the top 175 applicants (High to Low GPA) applicants.  Over 95% of students entering CIC will have completed ALGEBRA 1 in Grade 8 (Students in Grade 8 who are taking Pre-Algebra or Math 8 will enroll in Algebra 1 in Grade 9).  Over 90% of students entering CIC will have taken ACCELERATED courses in middle school, especially in English, Math, Social Science and Science.  Neither Algebra nor Accelerated coursework is a requirement to apply to CIC.

LBUSD and CIC Application Procedures 2017-18

For all questions on CHOICE, here is the central District information.

All information on the District site SUPERSEDES any information I place on this website


    In order to apply to any high school program in the LBUSD, you must follow the steps below.  Directions for applying to CIC are included as well.


1. Online application for ALL programs will be available through ParentVUE on December 7, 2017.  Window for applying will close at midnight on Friday, December 20, 2017 (at 11:59 PM).


2. You may access ParentVUE from middle school SchoolLoop websites OR through

From the main LBUSD website, click letter "P" and Scroll down to ParentVUE and follow directions.


3. Once the ParentVUE portal opens, you will see a panel that reads HS CHOICE Application.  This is where you will make your program selections.


4. You will NOT be able to apply for a program, if you do NOT meet the minimum criteria.


5. There is no Supplemental applications for CIC.



You will register on ParentVUE as a new student/parent and create an account.

The LBUSD already has transcripts from MANY private schools, but you may have to bring transcripts to Jenni Brown, so she can create a file for you.




Calendar for rest of the year:

Oct 16-Dec 6 CIC Shadowing (must be registered through the CHOICE Office-then contact

Oct 21 CHOICE Faire at LBCC-PCH Campus (corner of PCH and Orange Ave) 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Nov 4 CHOICE Faire at LBCC-Clark Ave Campus (corner of Clark and Carson Aves) 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Nov 28 Poly CHOICE Night at Poly High School 5:30-8:00 PM

By the beginning of March, letters of acceptance to Specialized Programs (including CIC) begin to be mailed out.


late March Appeals Window opens


In March 2018, CIC will mail home Course Selections for Fall 2018 and suggested Summer Reading Assignment after we receive the full list of acceptances; during March and April 2018, CIC counselor, Ms. Arredondo, and/or Facilitator, Mr. Inui, will visit all middle schools, or make arrangements with sites, including IVA and private and charter schools, to communicate information on selecting courses for Fall 2018

CIC SHadow Program 2017-18

Updated Friday Oct 6, 2017 (at 10:40 AM).


 The CIC Shadow Program is a unique experience in the LBUSD, allowing students to sample as many classes as the students choose, and experiencing MULTIPLE perspectives, as the students are set up with multiple hosts throughout the day.  (Single hosts can also be accommodated, if this is your preference)

    The LBUSD registration site is slated to open at 5:00 PM on Wed Oct 11.  In the past three years, slots have typically filled up in the first few days, so it is important to register as soon as possible.  Though shadowing is available to ALL students, we kindly ask students who are NOT interested in or curious about CIC OR who do not have the minimum AcGPA of 3.5 not to take away a spot from another student who IS trying to find out about CIC.  If you are genuinely interested in CIC, please do feel free to shadow.


   Students in Grade 8 interested in shadowing in the CIC program need to complete the LBUSD registration form on the LBUSD website before contacting CIC for a shadow date.  The new shadow registration application for 2017-18 will be available starting October 11 at 5:00 PM (This date has changed as of Oct 6)

1. Go to

2. Select "C" for CHOICE (Choosing a High School for incoming freshmen)

3. Click on the "Shadow Day Reservation Requests" option to register your student.


     After registering with LBUSD, please contact Mr. Inui at to complete the process.  Please prepare responses to the following questions.

1. Do you have a preferred date (Note: Mr. Inui can only program 3-5 students per day due to the complexity of the CIC shadow day)

2. In addition to the core subjects (see CIC 4-Year Curriculum) for freshmen, are there any electives and/or sports you would like to see?

3. Do you have any special requests (specific hosts, shortened day, lunch accommodations, et al)

Because CIC has in the past received close to 200 requests for Shadowing within the first week, please only put down CIC if you are considering CIC (please do not put CIC down if your primary consideration is PACE or PacRim-shadows for PACE are handled by a different office)