AP Exam Registration

Preadministration session schedule

The AP preadministration sessions start next week and will be held: Monday (April 3) to Thursday (April 6). This one hour session is mandatory for any student taking an AP exam in May. 


Start Time Location
6:45 am Library
Period 6 Cafeteria
2:50 pm Cafeteria


Permission Slip

This year's AP testing is going to be held off campus at Grace Brethren Church (3601 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807). Are you going to require transportation to and from the Church? If so, click here to download a permission slip. You can pick up an empty one and/or turn in a completed form at the Activities office (Rm. 805) or Rm. 607. You will get a sticker to place on your ID card when you turn in a completed form.