Poly North

what is poly north?

Poly North has been serving the Long Beach Poly High School family and Long Beach community for over 4 decades. We strive to provide students with an open forum to develop and communicate their values, create cultural awareness and embrace cultural differences, and make life long friendships. Over the years it has become Poly's most cherished off campus program and student opportunity. At Poly North, we encourage, inspire, and rally the leaders of tomorrow to use their talents to create positive changes in the community and at Long Beach Poly High School. We aim to make the world a kind and better place, one camp at a time.


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Mr. Shock, Camp Director - RShock@lbschools.net


Ms. Nguyen, Activities Director - MTNguyen@lbschools.net

Poly North

Poly north camps, class of 2019

Classes scheduled to attend Poly North 1: November 11-13, 2016

Coulter: Per. 1, 3, 5

Souter: Per. 2, 4

Schol: Per. 1, 8, 9

Saito Waddles: Per. 4

Stuht: Per. 8, 5,6

Holmlund 2, 4

Zobel: Per. 5, 6, 8


Classes scheduled to attend Poly North 2: December 9-11, 2016

Coulter: Per. 2, 4

Souter: Per. 1,3,5

Saito Waddles: Per. 3

Schol: Per. 6, 7, 10

Stuht: Per. 1, 7, 9

Holmlund 3

Zobel: 1, 7, 9


Application for this camp will be handed out to the classes.