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International Ambassador:
International Ambassador: Stephan Kaminsky

3D Printer and Scanner

3D Printer Information

Note: Please see notes to see current changes!

Hello Poly Students and Teachers,

            This is to inform you that Poly now has a 3D printer. This was a donation from my International Ambassador project. Now that it is all set up, we are allowing people to use the printer for their various needs. Clubs, students, and teachers can use it to build projects and aid teaching. If there are any questions about anything related to the 3D Printer, please contact either Stephan Kaminsky, president of 3D Printing Club, or Mr. Van in Rm. 806, who is the teacher supervisor. There will be a nominal fee for printing projects to help restock the filaments and to maintain/repair the printer as well as to fund a newer updated printer in the future.


What to do if you want to print something:

  1. Get the object file (EX .stl) and put it on a flash drive.
  2. Print out the form for the 3D Print Application (on Poly School Loop, see attached sheet for example) and fill it out.
  3. Go to Mr. Van’s room and give her the flash drive and application.
  4. Your files will then be reviewed by us to see if they meet the guidelines for 3D Printing. If there are any issues with the project, you will be notified.
  5. If the project is approved, the price will be calculated based off a formula listed on the 3D Print Application. IMPORTANT: Payment must be made to Mr. Van before the printing can be started.  You will be given an estimate of when your item will be ready.  
  6. Once your project is done, you will receive a text, phone call, or email informing you that your project is finished and can be picked up from Mr. Van.

The guidelines for printing will be on the 3D Print Application.



                        Stephan Kaminsky

3D Scanner Information

More information will be coming soon! It will have a similar application and process as the 3D Printer.

The good news is that we also have a 3D Scanner.

Resources Locker
9/24/18 9:21 AM
10/4/18 10:59 AM

Please submit 3D Printing Application to Mr. Van, Rm. 806.


If your a teacher and have a project in mind for all your students and you want to use the 3D Printer, please talk to Mr. Van to see if you qualify for a discount which can apply to yours and your students prints.

Also there will most likely be seasonal discounts too.