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AVID Elective teachers



Per. 1 - Mr. Alexander - AVID 10 

Per. 2 - Ms. Hess - AVID 9

Per. 2 - Ms. Caldwell - AVID 12 

Per. 3 - Ms. Macias - AVID 10

Per. 4 - Ms. Caldwell - AVID 11/12

Per. 4 - Ms. Coulter - AVID 9

Per. 5 - Ms. Caldwell - AVID 11

Per. 6 - Mr. Schenkleburg  AVID 9

Important Information





What is AVID?

Advancement Via Individual Determination
The mission of AVID is to ensure that all students capable of completing a college preparatory path:
·        Will succeed in the most rigorous curriculum.
·        Will enter mainstream activities of the school.
·        Will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges.
·        Will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in society.
AVID is an excellent program for students who could make it in a challenging curriculum with some support. The AVID program plans to place its students into accelerated, honors, and AP classes as they are ready.
AVID recognizes that the only way students can get into and through college is by perseverance, hard work and, as the program name reveals, “individual determination”. AVID provides what first generation college students usually lack: High expectations, encouragement, academic support, a vision that college is attainable, and guidance in ways to negotiate the system. AVID involves students in a strong group of peers and adults who share a commitment to academic achievement and who work together to help the group succeed.
The AVID elective teacher fills three roles: Teacher, academic coach, and mentor. AVID is an elective course of study taught within the school day. The course consists of a writing curriculum, strategies for success, and a college career curriculum.
The Poly High School AVID Goal
Poly High School’s AVID objective is to prepare its students for enrollment and successful participation in four-year universities, UC’s, CSU’s, privates and out-of-state colleges.
What does AVID accomplish?
AVID is designed to achieve specific objectives:
·        To support students in rigorous college prep classes and to enroll in honors and AP classes.
·        To develop good study habits and academic survival skills, such as note taking, essay writing and time management.
·        To support students in maintaining GPA’s that will be competitive in applying to four-year universities.
·        To help students become knowledgeable about a variety of colleges, the college application process and financial aid.
·        To enroll 100% of AVID graduates in colleges and universities, including 80% in four-year institutions.
Did you know that….
In California, the statewide average for seniors completing UC college entry requirements is 34.8%.
AVID seniors completed those requirements at an 84% rate.
Over 50% of students who enter college do not make it to their sophomore year.
89% of AVID students were still enrolled in college after two years.
Who qualifies for AVID?
The criteria for AVID include:
1.      Ability
·        Academic potential to succeed in college prep courses
·        Basic content area test scores or above
·        2.5 to 3.5 GPA
2.      Desire and determination
·        A desire to attend college
·        A willingness to undertake demanding preparation for college
3.      Special Consideration
·        Traditionally underrepresented students in college
·        Those in low socioeconomic households
·        First generation in their family to attend college.
Note: A student does not have to meet all of the criteria; a student may have other circumstances that merit participation in the program.
Some Final Considerations
The AVID program requires hard work and perseverance. It is effective only if student participation is voluntary.
Students must sign a contract agreeing to:
·         Enroll in AVID for at least three years or until they complete high school
·         Study at least two hours a day and complete all assignments
·         Maintain an AVID binder in which to take class notes
·         Participate in AVID tutorial groups
·        Take a rigorous course of study
·        Participate in AVID field-trips and activities
·        Take the PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT
Parents must also agree to:
·        Support all AVID academic requirements
·        Encourage and support their children’s academic success
·        Attend all AVID parent meetings
AVID students are also encouraged to take part in school sports, on-campus clubs, student government, and community service.
NOTE: Students with a history of attendance problems, low motivation, poor academic performance, or discipline problems are not suited for this program. AVID is not a remedial program. The targeted student should be willing to work and have a positive outlook. Most AVID students have near perfect attendance and good conduct. Many of the typical AVID students are the ‘good kids’ who generally get overlooked because they do their work and don’t cause problems.
One last thought……
AVID is an international program with over 1600 schools in 21 states and 14 countries participating.
For concerns specific to Poly, please contact the AVID coordinator, Kalani Caldwell, at ext. 5122 or email at KALANI CALDWELL


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