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Campus Accessibility

Campus Access

Students with Temporary Mobility Impairments

Please contact the School Nurse to make arrangements to accommodate limitations set forth by your physician regarding your mobility.  If access to elevators is needed, arrangements need to be made to check out an elevator key through the banker. A parent signature is required for key checkout.



Poly High School has limited on campus parking for all students and there are very clear handicapped parking markers.  There is also street parking and parking adjacent to the campus, located off Jackrabbit Lane.    



Events in the Auditorium:  Our Auditorium has handicapped restroom stalls located on the main floor. There are elevators and lifts available to help with mobility.

Events in the Pool:  Please use the unisex restroom located in the Pool Attendant’s office.

Events in the Gym:  Please use the restrooms located at both the North and South sides of the entrance in the foyer.

Events in the Football/Baseball Stadium:  Please use the accessible restrooms located on the north end of the football stadium.  They are located behind the JROTC building.  

If help is needed, please contact or notify a member of the Poly/Security staff for assistance with any and all accessibility needs.  


Elevator/Lift Policy

Any student with a Disability or an accessibility need which requires the use of ELEVATOR or LIFT, a key will be checked out for the needed time period.  Paperwork to apply for an Elevator/Lift key can be obtained from Banker in the Administration Building.  A parent signature is required for key check out.


Campus Entrances

The Main Entrance:  The main entrance to the campus is located off of Jackrabbit Lane. This specific entrance is open during school hours. The Jackrabbit walkthrough gate is open to visitors during school events after school.  These are accessible entrances for all students, staff and visitors. 

The Atlantic Gate Entrance:  The Atlantic Gate Entrance is located off of Anaheim Avenue.   This gate is open immediately before and after school.  This is an accessible entrance for students only. 

The 15th Street Gate:  Located off of 15th Street, is a walkthrough gate that is open immediately before and after school.  This is an accessible entrance for students. This gate may be open during certain school events after school.

Martin Luther King: There is a walkthrough entrance located by the 900 bungalows nearest Martin Luther King for quick access to the 900, 950, 850 and PE facilities.


Classroom Relocation

Accommodations can be made available up to and including modifying or relocating of classes to ensure that students with a mobility impairment/disability are not discouraged from enrolling in or participating in any class or activity due to their disability.


Parent & Student Visitations to Poly High School

If you have any accessibility needs and require special assistance or have any questions, please contact: Assistant Principal, Ms. Cargile at x5208 or the Principal’s Secretary, Mrs. Avila at x5100. For more information on events and activities at Poly, please contact our Activities Office at x5352.