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Monday - Friday

(562) 591-0581 x5105

FAX: (562) 599-6477


Please provide the following when coming to enroll

  • Address Verification: Must provide 2 of the following
    • Property tax payment reciept
    • Utility bill (gas, electric, or water)
    • Pay stubs
    • Voter Registration
    • Correspondence from a government agency
    • No other forms are acceptable
  • Current Immunizations along with a T-dap test/results that were given less than 1 year ago.
  • Proof of Age (Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport are acceptable)
  • School Records
    • Transcripts
    • IEPS
    • Test Scores

*Parent  or Guardian must be present with the student at the time of enrollment


*You must live in the Poly Attendance area to enroll at Poly or to request a referral to one of our alternative schools such as REID and EPHS.


*If you are currently enrolled in a LBUSD High School and you are interested in attending Poly High School, you must fill out a School of Choice application.  These applications are available through your ParentVUE account.  The High School Office handles all School of Choice applications.

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