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Long Beach Polytechnic High School




Keisha Scott

Academy Counselor

x 5122


Daryl Holmlund

Lead Teacher

x 5270


Guillermo Jimenez

Assistant Principal

x 5117


Diane Prince



Quentin Brown





School of Choice Dates and Information

October 24, 2015,  9-12 PM

Regional Information Nights

October 27, 2015, Lindsey Academy 5075 Daisy Avenue, Long Beach, 6:00-8:00 pm.

November 2, 2015, Marshall Academy of the Arts, 5870 E. Wardlow Road, Long Beach, 6:00-8:00 pm.

November 5, 2015, Hoover Middle School, 3501 Country Club Drive, Lakewood, 6:00-8:00 pm.

November 9, 2015, Nelson Academy, 1951 Cherry Avenue, Signal Hill, 6:00-8:00 pm.

November 18th at Poly High School 5:30 until 8:00 P.M.

JUSTICE Staff Members
Contact Carl Buggs  Carl Buggs Teacher / Girl's Basketball Coach
Contact Kalani Caldwell  Kalani Caldwell (562) 591-0581 ex: 5431 teacher/coach
Contact Stephen Capic  Stephen Capic Teacher
Contact Ta'Juanna Denmark Alves'  Ta'Juanna Denmark Alves' (562) 591-0581 ex: 5146 Teacher
Contact Charlie Dodson  Charlie Dodson Teacher
Contact Mieko Harrington  Mieko Harrington Teacher
Contact Lisa Hickman  Lisa Hickman (562) 591-0581 ex: 5286 Teacher
Contact Daryl Holmlund  Daryl Holmlund ex: 5270 Teacher
Contact Adrianne Kerfoot  Adrianne Kerfoot Teacher
Contact Diane Koury  Diane Koury (562) 591-0581 ex: 5282 Teacher
Contact Leland McGrath  Leland McGrath Teacher
Contact Charles Norman  Charles Norman Teacher
Contact Vincent Puth  Vincent Puth Teacher
Contact Amy Stuht  Amy Stuht Teacher
Contact Sopani Sun  Sopani Sun (562) 591-0581 ex: 5856 Teacher
Contact Michael Tinsley  Michael Tinsley (562) 591-0581 ex: 5410 Teacher
Contact Andrea Wright  Andrea Wright Teacher

JUSTICE Academy Course Outline

Listed below are the recommended courses for students enrolled in the JUSTICE Academy.  Students should follow the course of study:


9th Grade

Earth Science


English 1-2/Accelerated

Physical Education

Visual Performing Art

JUSTICE Elective(s)


10th Grade


Geometry/Intermediate Algebra

English 3-4/Accelerated

Modern World History/Acc.

Physical Education

Foreign Language


11th Grade

Chemistry/Science Sequence

Math Sequence

English 5-6/Honors

U.S. History/Honors/AP

Foreign Language

JUSTICE Elective (s)


12th Grade

Forensic Science/Physics

Pre Calculus/Math Sequence


Senior English/AP

Foreign Language

JUSTICE Elective(s)



Poly Justice Academy

Mission and Vision


JUSTICE student will be active citizens of local and global community working to improve our society and its people.



We develop critical thinkers through a commitment to public service supported by collaborative classroom experiences and opportunities to impact the community as a whole.


poly public service academy flyer

Leadership Long Beach Yesley Lopez

JUSTICE Junior Yelsy Lopez is an active member of Leadership Long Beach this year.  The student team, comprised of students from Long Beach High Schools, is organizing and producing RoboBowl IV, a robotics competition for middle school students.  McBride High School will host the event on April 30, from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.  Yesly is part of a five-student Poly team, including Kayla Frost and Luke Blevins from PacRim, Colin DeCure and Shana Salem from PACE. 

“I feel this experience has brought me the greatest stress, but joy, because I have the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, ask for help, and grow!” Yesly explained recently.  The students are excited for April 30th.

student posing for photo

Student of the Month

Nadine posses all the qualities necessary to be an outstanding and amazing student.  Everyday Nadine comes into class bubbly and eager to learn.  She asks for help and clarification and always strives to improve.  Her work reflects true and honest effort.  Nadine is never satisfied doing the bare minimum as every day she challenges herself to grow and improve.  Not only is Nadine concerned about her own learning, she helps her peers with their learning.  Nadine is the definition of the ideal student.

nadine student of the month

Student of the Month

mercedez tedoco student of the month

Mercedez Tedoco

JUSTICE sophomore Mercedez Tedoco is our student of the month because of her hard work, reliability, and willingness to help others.  Mercedez is an excellent student who studies daily and is never absent:  She has not missed a day of school this year, nor has she missed turning in an assignment!  Whenever I ask Mercedez to work in a group or help other people, she happily does so, and her classmates are grateful. It is an honor to have Mercedez in my class.

Justice T-shirts available $15
Sizes medium and large Room 504
Choice Fair 2015
Choice Fair 2015
Tree Planting in Wrigley
Tree Planting in Wrigley

Justice Tree Planting Work day - Sign up!

I Dig Long Beach Tree Planting Event

Download the detailed flyer and permission slip below:

2016 Student Permission Slip (PDF)

2016 Adult Permission Slip (PDF)

Hi Tree Planting Planning Team & Friends –


New trees are coming to the California Heights neighborhood! 


The Port of Long Beach has provided funding to plant 6,000 trees in Long Beach neighborhoods through 2020!  Businesses and community groups are partnering with Neighborhood Services to provide volunteers at the tree planting events.


Neighborhood Services is partnering with the California Heights Neighborhood Association and the community to plant approximately 80 new street trees dedicated in memory of Ray Grabinski.  Attached is the flyer for the event and blank waiver forms for volunteers.


“Makin’ Shade – Tree Planting in Memory of Councilmember Ray Grabinski”

Saturday, May 14, 2016

9 a.m. - noon

Meeting Location:

California Heights Market

3766 Orange Avenue


Ray Grabinski attended Hamilton Junior High and Jordan High Schools, operated a local pizza parlor/deli and served three-terms as a Councilmember beginning in 1986.  He is remembered for bringing the Daisy Avenue Christmas Tree Lane and Parade back to the Wrigley neighborhood in 1988.  Ray also tutored kids as a resource development coordinator with the University of California 4-H in Los Angeles County. 


“Ray’s courageous battle with Parkinson’s Disease pulled him away from public life and eventually his beloved California Heights home,” shares John Royce of the California Heights Neighborhood Association. “No matter how tough the fight, and Ray was a fighter, we remember him as a gentleman to the very end.  Ray lost his fight with Parkinson’s in November of 2014.”


This memorial tree planting will be held in the neighborhood bounded by:


Bixby Road (North)

Wardlow Road (South)

Orange Avenue (West)

Falcon Avenue (East)





Thank you to all the groups that are providing refreshments for the volunteers!

Blair from Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association is helping to recruit volunteers and bringing refreshments for the volunteers!

Yael from Solid Landings Behavioral Health is bringing volunteers and donuts to the event!

Edgar from Edgar – KATO GROUP, Keller Williams Realty is bringing volunteers and refreshments to the event!

Clive from Kiwanis Club of Long Beach is bringing volunteers and popcorn to the event!

Shanna from Orange County’s Credit Union is bringing volunteers and bottled water for the volunteers to the event!



After school tutoring

Afterschool tutoring is available every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:30 in the library.

What's New at JUSTICE

What’s New at JUSTICE


38 students participated in the Allstate - Street Law program this month, two days in class working with 10 lawyers and para legals from Allstate's Torrance office. Students  worked in small teams with attorneys to  explore the legal issues involved in two sets of liability situations, one around issues of sexual harassment, the other about host responsibility for underage drinking. On December 9th, 28 students traveled to the Torrance office for the day, participated in  Mock Trials scenarios on both topics, and interviewed attorneys, para legals and claims adjusters about their education and career paths.


The students also presented the Allstate team with a plaque from LBUSD and organized and delivered their own presentation to express their and our appreciation for Allstate's involvement as a business partner



JUSTICE Community Partners
JUSTICE Community Partners

Intercurricular Projects and Rubrics

10/16/17 12:00 PM
10/16/17 11:10 AM
10/16/17 11:11 AM
10/16/17 11:10 AM
10/16/17 11:11 AM
10/16/17 11:11 AM
10/16/17 11:11 AM
10/16/17 11:11 AM
10/16/17 11:11 AM
10/16/17 11:11 AM
10/16/17 11:10 AM
10/16/17 11:10 AM
10/16/17 11:11 AM
10/1/18 8:45 AM
8/10/16 11:09 AM