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MEDS Pathway Lead Teacher
  Danielle Sawyer (562) 591-0581 ex: 5414 Career Technical Education Teacher
Hands On Experience with Memorial Care
MEDS Promotional Video
American Heart Association Conference
American Heart Association Conference
Poly MEDS goes to CSULB Nursing Dept
Poly goes to CSULB Nursing Dept
MEDS/POLY hangs with the LAKERs Trainers!
MEDS/POLY hangs with the LAKERs Trainers!
Poly MEDS teams up with the new Children's Clinic
Poly teams up with the new Children's Clinic
Teen CERT honored by Mayor
Teen Cert honored by mayor
MEDS Medallion winners
MEDS Medallion winners


Poly's Medical Pathway (MEDS)

Poly’s Medical Academy (MEDS) is a three-part pathway who's vision, along with Long Beach Unified School District and Long Beach Polytechnic High School as a site, is to prepare students for professional cutting-edge careers in physical and mental/emotional patient care and technological and administrative fields connected to the medical industry.

The MEDS mission is for students to have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in the medical fields today. They will develop an understanding of what it means to become an advocate for health and healthy living through rigorous academic and career ready instruction. In order to achieve this goal, the MEDS Academy will work collaboratively to encourage and create opportunities for students, both individually and as a team, to become effective communicators, collaborators and problem solvers. Most importantly, Poly MEDS students will demonstrate competency in the practical, social and ethical practices needed to participate in these competitive fields through their positive lifestyle choices that promote their own healthy family, neighborhood and community at large as well as a valuable and productive citizen of society.

POLY TEEN CERT graduation

Poly's Teen CERT team graduates!
Poly's 2nd Teen CERT team graduates!
  Brett Alexander (562) 591-0581 ex: 5259 Speech Teacher / Yearbook Advisor
  Carolina Argueta-Monsalve ex: 5484 Teacher
  Maria Bezeredy (562) 591-0581 ex: 5486 German Teacher
  Ms. Brown (562) 591-0581 ex: 5277 Teacher
  Kate Bun (562) 591-0581 ex: 5471 Teacher
  Sidney Davidson Teacher
  Stephanie Ewing-Warner Teacher
  Michael Gray Teacher
  Mieko Harrington Teacher
  Irma Hernandez Teacher
  Indira Jimenez Teacher
  Jackie Lazatin (562) 591-0581 ex: 5179 Medical Instructor
  Kwei Yuan Lee Teacher
  Amy Montooth Biology Teacher
  Ismail Mustafaa (808) 799-3188 Senior Army Instructor
  John Carlo Napalan Teacher
  Jeanne Obeji Teacher
  Bola Oduwole (562) 591-0581 ex: 5224 Teacher
  Chelsea Powell Teacher
  William Salas Principal
  Elizabeth Sanches English 5-6 Teacher
  Danielle Sawyer (562) 591-0581 ex: 5414 Career Technical Education Teacher
  Joylyn Souter Teacher
  Julie Sparks Sys Admin
  Chay Tachaong Teacher
  Rachael Thiele Teacher
  Michael Tinsley (562) 591-0581 ex: 5410 Teacher
  Janice Valentine (562) 591-0581 ex: x5131 Career Transition Specialist
  John Wong Teacher
Looking for volunteer opportunities?

Volunteer at Long Beach Memorial in the Spring! Deadline to apply is mid-December. Check out this link for more information:

Men in Nursing Conference
men in nursing2
Interested in helping ANIMALS ?

Thinking about getting in to the health and medical fields for animals? Join the "READ" program in the City of Long Beach where you can work with animals at the shelters and provide comfort and socialization skills to them while they wait to be adopted. Check this link for more information:


HOSA conference
HOSA conference
Poly/MEDS SIMS class in USA Today! CLick on pic to watch video...

MEDS student learn how to cast!
Meds Students learn how to cast!
MEDS goes to LBCC Medical Department
MEDS goes to LBCC Medical Department