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Business Partners Wanted

Interested in finding out what high school students can do?  We would love to work with you.  Please contact Leslie Saito at

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Pac Rim is . . .

One of 3 California Partnership Academies in LBUSD and 2018's State CPA Academy of the Year award recipient.  The grant ensures smaller class sizes, college prep academics, dedicated computer labs and a 4-year sequence of business electives.  Students build basic job and interview skills and business experience through field trips, competitions, and cross-curricular projects.  Work experience in the Senior Capstone class helps prepare students for careers beyond high school and college. 


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Fall Field Trips
Fall Field Trips

All Field Trips are Subject to COVID Regulations!

PAC RIM Leadership

Administrator: Dr. Sparks

Counselor: Ms. Valdez

Lead Teacher: Ms. Saito

CTE Pathway
Biz Electives
Common Core Example
Common Core Example