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Laura Leaney

Laura Leaney, AP English Literature

Conference Periods

Please feel free to call at any time.  If I'm teaching, leave a message and I'll return the call during my period 7 or 8th period conference.  My extension is 5427. 

Course Philosophy
Donald Hall said it best: “When we read great literature, something changes in us that stays changed. Literature remembered becomes material to think with.” That view is what motivates my teaching every year; my belief that reading is crucial to living well, beyond survival mode, and makes us more sensitive and empathetic in a world in desperate need of such qualities, is the impetus behind the syllabus. I care very much about preparing each student for taking the Exam, but I must admit that this is not my primary goal. Understanding how literature works, its structure and form, its imagery and symbols, its oftentimes ambiguous meanings, is a struggle that enlarges minds and makes them open to all kinds of possibilities.  
Ms. Leaney Reads During the Last Century
Laura Leaney Reads During the Last Century
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