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     Students interested in helping produce content for the High Life are welcome to join Newspaper Club.

     Content includes writing articles about news, sports, art, music, TV/movies, student life, or your own opinions. 

     Content could also includes taking photos, and videos as well as creating audio content.

     Club members could also be involved with editing the pages of the newspaper or our website,

     Interested students should message Mr. Holmlund: dholmlund@lbschools, or on Canvas or SchoolLoop


Daryl Holmlund

Contact Information and Office Hours


Phone: (562) 726-4760 (Google Voice # -- You can call and leave a message or text and I will get back to you as soon as possible)

Office Hours: Room 202, Periods 7 and 8 while in-person, but for virtual learning message me on Canvas, email, or my Google Voice # to schedule a meeting

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The current, up-to-date Zoom Meeting information and access link will always be on the Canvas homepage for that class period. If you're having trouble accessing Canvas or finding my class on Canvas, send me an email:


The link for canvas is

Mr. Holmlund
Mr. Holmlund
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