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Principal's Welcome

August 26, 2020


Dear Long Beach Polytechnic High School Students and Parents, 

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. We are incredibly excited to step into the unknown of this year alongside you. Obviously, this is not the back to school that we are all used to. It feels unorthodox to not be greeting one another in person. Our campus and our halls will truly miss all of the community-building and learning that happens within them.


Not only is our current situation new for our student body, but for all of our staff, teachers, and faculty members who have truly never experienced circumstances such as these in their collective careers. While it can be mysterious and unknown, we have an opportunity here to create a unique learning environment, finding ways to learn and to communicate that haven’t even been considered.


Since 1895, Poly has been a renowned and beloved foundation of the Long Beach community. We have always been dedicated to the mission of equipping young minds in a way that encourages creativity, success, and critical thinking. Not only that, but it has always been our mission to promote flexibility, as this is the key to succeeding and thriving in an unpredictable world. Now more than ever we hold fast to that determination of being flexible, adapting to whatever circumstances surround us, and learning to flourish in new ways and through new avenues.


A few pieces of maintenance regarding new avenues and changes: the District is transitioning Learning Management Systems (LMS) from School Loop to CANVAS. More information to follow both from the District and site to help support as we transition. Please continue to check your email and our webpage for information. All classes will be taught virtually through CANVAS until at least October 5th as we wait for further direction from our District. We will follow our current bell schedule from 7:50 am - 2:40 pm and our Green/Gold Calendar for classes. Note, we will follow our minimum day schedule from September 1st through September 11, 7:50 am  - 12:40 pm. 


And one final thing: you, the students, have chosen “adventure is out there” as our driving theme for the year. This shows your desire to work hard no matter the environment you are in. It motivates not only your peers, but your teachers and administrators, to create an environment in which everyone is comfortable, prepared, and set up for success. We are firm believers in the idea that, during this unpredictable and uncertain time, we can find unity and strength in the fact that we are all learning as we go. Together we will roll with the punches, grow as individuals, and be united as a family. We cannot wait to see where this year takes us.


William J. Salas