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Contact Michelle Aberle  Michelle Aberle (562) 591-0581 ex: 5461 or 5198 Teacher / PACE Facilitator
Contact Charles Acosta  Charles Acosta Teacher
Contact Charma Adams  Charma Adams ex: 5307 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Daniel Adler  Daniel Adler (562) 591-0581 ex: 5218 Teacher
Contact Virginia Agredano-Perez  Virginia Agredano-Perez Activities Assistant
Contact Chidi Agu  Chidi Agu Staff
Contact Brett Alexander  Brett Alexander (562) 591-0581 ex: 5259 Speech Teacher / Yearbook Advisor
Contact Wendy Alonso Alvarez  Wendy Alonso Alvarez Staff
Contact Pamela Amici  Pamela Amici (562) 591-0581 ex: 5428 Teacher
Contact Carolina Argueta-Monsalve  Carolina Argueta-Monsalve ex: 5484 Teacher
Contact Fitchett Arminda  Fitchett Arminda Staff
Contact Gabriela Arredondo  Gabriela Arredondo Teacher
Contact Thurman Ashley  Thurman Ashley Teacher
Contact Anjali Atkins  Anjali Atkins Teacher
Contact Patricia Avila  Patricia Avila (562) 591-0581 ex: 5100 H.S. Office Supervisor
Contact Jan Ballard  Jan Ballard ex: 5495 Teacher
Contact Silvia Battigalli  Silvia Battigalli (562) 591-0581 ex: 5476 Teacher
Contact Cameron Beaulac Jr  Cameron Beaulac Jr Teacher
Contact Julianne Beebe  Julianne Beebe Teacher
Contact Tony Bellmar  Tony Bellmar Staff
Contact Natan Bershtel  Natan Bershtel (562) 591-0581 ex: 5219 Math Teacher / Girls Cross-Country Coach
Contact Thomas Bevan  Thomas Bevan Staff
Contact Maria Bezeredy  Maria Bezeredy (562) 591-0581 ex: 5486 German Teacher
Contact Patricia Boettger  Patricia Boettger Teacher
Contact Linda Bon  Linda Bon Teacher
Contact Kerry Boyd  Kerry Boyd Teacher
Contact Nancy Boyd-Batstone  Nancy Boyd-Batstone (562) 591-0581 ex: 5126 MEDS Counselor x5126
Contact Nancy Boyd-Batstone  Nancy Boyd-Batstone (562) 591-0581 ex: 5126 Counselor
Contact Donna Brearley  Donna Brearley Staff
Contact Matthew Brown  Matthew Brown Assistant Principal
Contact Quentin Brown  Quentin Brown Principal
Contact Carl Buggs  Carl Buggs Teacher / Girl's Basketball Coach
Contact Kate Bun  Kate Bun (562) 591-0581 ex: 5471 Teacher
Contact Kalani Caldwell  Kalani Caldwell (562) 591-0581 ex: 5431 teacher/coach
Contact Michael Carr  Michael Carr (562) 591-0581 ex: 5407 Teacher
Contact Gildenia Carvajal  Gildenia Carvajal Teacher
Contact Darlenia Castaneda  Darlenia Castaneda Teacher
Contact Yong Chan-Jadus  Yong Chan-Jadus Teacher
Contact Regina Chaney  Regina Chaney Teacher
Contact Vuthy Cheav  Vuthy Cheav Staff
Contact Alexander Chia  Alexander Chia Teacher
Contact Matt Cino  Matt Cino Teacher
Contact James Cooperider  James Cooperider (562) 591-0581 ex: 5403 Teacher
Contact Ms. Coulter  Ms. Coulter Teacher
Contact Rory Cuyugan  Rory Cuyugan (562) 591-0581 ex: 5173 Teacher
Contact Dr. Ken Dean  Dr. Ken Dean (562) 591-0581 ex: x5469 Instructor of Human Anatomy/Physiology & Biology 1-2
Contact Ta'Juanna Denmark Alves'  Ta'Juanna Denmark Alves' (562) 591-0581 ex: 5146 Teacher
Contact William Dodge  William Dodge (562) 591-0581 ex: 5489 Teacher / Golf Coach
Contact Charlie Dodson  Charlie Dodson Teacher
Contact Brian Dokko  Brian Dokko Choral Director
Contact Obiorah Ebo  Obiorah Ebo Teacher
Contact Olga Echerri  Olga Echerri Teacher
Contact John Elvidge  John Elvidge (562) 591-0581 ex: 5214 Teacher
Contact Christie Endres  Christie Endres Teacher
Contact Stephanie Ewing-Warner  Stephanie Ewing-Warner Teacher
Contact Jeff Eyanson  Jeff Eyanson Staff
Contact Dylan Fahey  Dylan Fahey Staff
Contact Annasarah Ferguson  Annasarah Ferguson (562) 591-0581 ex: 5418/5136 Teacher Librarian
Contact Michael Fillipow  Michael Fillipow (562) 591-0581 ex: 5467 Sci. Teacher / Boy's Cross Country Coach & Dist. Track Coach
Contact Kim Floto  Kim Floto (562) 591-0581 ex: 5281 Teacher
Contact Ms. Garcia  Ms. Garcia Teacher
Contact Timi Garcia  Timi Garcia Sys Admin
Contact Scott Gaynor  Scott Gaynor ex: 5433 Engineering/Robotics Teacher
Contact Brian George  Brian George Teacher
Contact Casey Gillett  Casey Gillett (562) 591-0581 ex: 5460 AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science A, Honors Chemistry
Contact Patrick Gillogly  Patrick Gillogly (562) 591-0581 ex: 5180 Teacher
Contact Lori Grace  Lori Grace Staff
Contact Jesus Grajeda Jr.  Jesus Grajeda Jr. Staff
Contact Michael Gray  Michael Gray Teacher
Contact Deborah Greer  Deborah Greer (562) 591-0581 ex: 5141 Bookroom Clerk
Contact Dr. Anne Gundry  Dr. Anne Gundry (562) 591-0581 ex: 5474 Teacher
Contact Myriam Gurba  Myriam Gurba Teacher
Contact Julia Gustafson  Julia Gustafson (562) 591-0581 ex: x5278 Piano Teacher
Contact Mieko Harrington  Mieko Harrington Teacher
Contact Jason Hazel  Jason Hazel Teacher
Contact Elsa Hernandez  Elsa Hernandez Teacher
Contact Stacey Hess  Stacey Hess Teacher
Contact Lisa Hickman  Lisa Hickman (562) 591-0581 ex: 5286 Teacher
Contact Jamie Holder  Jamie Holder Staff
Contact Deborah Holland  Deborah Holland Teacher
Contact Daryl Holmlund  Daryl Holmlund ex: 5270 Teacher
Contact Monica Houck-Babij  Monica Houck-Babij (562) 591-0581 ex: 5267 Art Teacher
Contact Kathlene Hubbard  Kathlene Hubbard Teacher
Contact Libby Huff  Libby Huff Teacher
Contact Michael Hughes  Michael Hughes Staff
Contact Marc Hyatt  Marc Hyatt U.S. History/Govt./Econ Teacher
Contact Jeffrey Inui (Do not LoopMail)  Jeffrey Inui (Do not LoopMail) (562) 591-0581 ex: 5417 Teacher CIC Facilitator
Contact Crystal Irving  Crystal Irving (562) 591-0581 ex: 5167 Teacher / Girl's Athletic Director/ Girl's Track Coach
Contact Robert Jackson  Robert Jackson Staff
Contact Eloise James  Eloise James Staff
Contact Indira Jimenez  Indira Jimenez Teacher
Contact Patricia Jimenez  Patricia Jimenez Staff
Contact Victor Jimenez  Victor Jimenez Teacher
Contact Brenda Juarez  Brenda Juarez (562) 591-0581 ex: 5285 Teacher
Contact Scott Karres  Scott Karres Teacher
Contact Paloma Kato  Paloma Kato (562) 591-0581 ex: 5295 Resource Specialist
Contact Masaru Kawai  Masaru Kawai (562) 591-0581 ex: 5436 Science Teacher
Contact Kayoko Kawasaki  Kayoko Kawasaki Teacher
Contact Adrianne Kerfoot  Adrianne Kerfoot Teacher
Contact Edward Kim  Edward Kim Staff
Contact Monica Kim  Monica Kim (562) 591-0581 ex: 5152 Academic Coach
Contact Nicolas Kincaid  Nicolas Kincaid Teacher
Contact Diane Koury  Diane Koury (562) 591-0581 ex: 5282 Teacher
Contact John Koze  John Koze Teacher
Contact Stephen LaRusch  Stephen LaRusch (562) 591-0581 ex: 5255 Teacher
Contact Paul LaVecchio  Paul LaVecchio Teacher
Contact Samantha Lawrence  Samantha Lawrence ex: x5424 Teacher
Contact Jackie Lazatin  Jackie Lazatin (562) 591-0581 ex: 5179 Medical Instructor
Contact Laura Leaney  Laura Leaney (562) 591-0581 ex: 5427 Teacher
Contact Kwei Yuan Lee  Kwei Yuan Lee Teacher
Contact Javier Llamas  Javier Llamas ex: 5265 Teacher
Contact Connie Loggins  Connie Loggins Counselor
Contact A.J. Luke  A.J. Luke Staff
Contact Peter Ly  Peter Ly Teacher
Contact Scott MacFadden  Scott MacFadden Staff
Contact Marissa Macias  Marissa Macias Teacher
Contact Stacy Maciel  Stacy Maciel Staff
Contact Robert Maldonado  Robert Maldonado Staff
Contact Jason Manack  Jason Manack Teacher
Contact Raúl Martínez  Raúl Martínez (562) 591-0581 ex: 5481 Spanish Teacher
Contact Gayle Mashburn  Gayle Mashburn Assistant Principal
Contact Michael Massengill  Michael Massengill Staff
Contact Chris McColm  Chris McColm ex: 5187 Teacher
Contact Leland McGrath  Leland McGrath Teacher
Contact Julie McMann  Julie McMann World History / Criminal and Civil Law Teacher
Contact Steven Meckna  Steven Meckna Teacher / Badminton Coach
Contact Rhonda Mendoza  Rhonda Mendoza ex: 5408 Cafeteria Supervisor
Contact Christine Mercado  Christine Mercado Teacher
Contact Timothy Moncure  Timothy Moncure Teacher
Contact Ricardo Montecinos  Ricardo Montecinos Teacher / Boys and Girls Tennis Coach
Contact Amy Montooth  Amy Montooth Biology Teacher
Contact Jeff Montooth  Jeff Montooth Teacher
Contact Shannon Mulvaney  Shannon Mulvaney ex: 5433 Teacher
Contact Kenneth Munger  Kenneth Munger (562) 591-0581 ex: 5148 Teacher / P.E. Department Chair / Girl's Golf and Softball Coach
Contact John Carlo Napalan  John Carlo Napalan Teacher
Contact Maya Navar  Maya Navar Staff
Contact Sy Nguyen  Sy Nguyen (562) 592-0581 ex: 5421 Teacher
Contact Charles Norman  Charles Norman Teacher
Contact Jeanne Obeji  Jeanne Obeji Teacher
Contact Bola Oduwole  Bola Oduwole (562) 591-0581 ex: 5224 Teacher
Contact Emily Oon  Emily Oon Teacher
Contact Andrew Osman  Andrew Osman (562) 591-0581 ex: 5129 Orchestra, Symphonic Winds Director
Contact Dajanae Palmer  Dajanae Palmer Staff
Contact Steven Perrin  Steven Perrin Teacher
Contact Kristina Pfohl  Kristina Pfohl Teacher
Contact Rina Phan  Rina Phan (562) 591-0581 ex: 5470 Teacher
Contact Harry Pieczenik  Harry Pieczenik Teacher
Contact Daniel Pilloff  Daniel Pilloff Teacher
Contact Cynthia Ponce De Leon-Negret  Cynthia Ponce De Leon-Negret Teacher / Dance Instructor
Contact Raymond Porter  Raymond Porter Staff
Contact Vincent Puth  Vincent Puth Teacher
Contact Melissa Raymond-Foy  Melissa Raymond-Foy Staff
Contact Ronald Reed  Ronald Reed (562) 591-0581 ex: 5325 Teacher
Contact Victoria Resner  Victoria Resner Teacher
Contact Ronald Rita  Ronald Rita (562) 591-0581 ex: 5473 Teacher
Contact Mr. Rosales  Mr. Rosales (562) 591-0581 ex: 5273 Teacher
Contact Mary Rosas  Mary Rosas Teacher
Contact Leslie Saito  Leslie Saito Teacher
Contact William Salas  William Salas Principal
Contact Elizabeth Sanches  Elizabeth Sanches English 5-6 Teacher
Contact Erica Sands  Erica Sands Teacher
Contact Danielle Sawyer  Danielle Sawyer (562) 591-0581 ex: 5414 Health and AVID Teacher
Contact Lori Schaaf  Lori Schaaf (562) 591-0581 ex: 5216 Teacher
Contact Sarah Schol  Sarah Schol Teacher
Contact Steve Schwichtenberg  Steve Schwichtenberg (562) 591-0581 ex: extn. 5289 Teacher
Contact Tonia Schwichtenberg  Tonia Schwichtenberg (562) 591-0581 ex: 5283 Teacher
Contact Keisha Scott  Keisha Scott Teacher
Contact Michelle Sellers  Michelle Sellers Teacher
Contact Albert Shaheen  Albert Shaheen Teacher
Contact Rob Shock  Rob Shock (562) 591-0581 ex: 5116 Dean/Boy's Athletic Director
Contact Robert Shock  Robert Shock Dean / Athletic Director
Contact Andrew Skrumbis  Andrew Skrumbis Teacher
Contact Brenda Smith  Brenda Smith Teacher
Contact Hershel Smith  Hershel Smith Staff
Contact Ron Smith  Ron Smith (562) 591-0581 ex: 5294 Teacher
Contact Joylyn Souter  Joylyn Souter Teacher
Contact Sandi Steinmetz  Sandi Steinmetz Staff
Contact Chris Stevens  Chris Stevens Jazz Band, Marching Band Director
Contact Laura Stringer  Laura Stringer Digital Art/Film Instructor
Contact Cindy Stuart  Cindy Stuart Staff
Contact Amy Stuht  Amy Stuht Teacher
Contact Rachel Suojanen  Rachel Suojanen ex: 5479 Teacher
Contact Chay Tachaong  Chay Tachaong Teacher
Contact Rgie Tandoc  Rgie Tandoc Teacher
Contact Ava Tehrani  Ava Tehrani Teacher
Contact Ryan Temple  Ryan Temple (562) 591-0581 ex: 5123 Beach Counselor Ext.5123
Contact Ryan Temple  Ryan Temple Teacher
Contact Rachael Thiele  Rachael Thiele Teacher
Contact Michael Tinsley  Michael Tinsley (562) 591-0581 ex: 5410 Teacher
Contact Christine Tram  Christine Tram (562) 591-0581 ex: 5176 Teacher
Contact Alyssa Tucker  Alyssa Tucker Teacher
Contact Maurice Turner  Maurice Turner Staff
Contact Socorro Valdez  Socorro Valdez Teacher
Contact Janice Valentine  Janice Valentine (562) 591-0581 ex: x5131 Career Transition Specialist
Contact Thanh Van  Thanh Van Teacher
Contact Jasmine Vang  Jasmine Vang (562) 591-0581 ex: 5275 Teacher
Contact Veronica Vega  Veronica Vega Staff
Contact Nathaniel Velasquez  Nathaniel Velasquez ex: 5499 Teacher
Contact Kimberly Viska  Kimberly Viska Teacher
Contact Jeanne Vitale  Jeanne Vitale (562) 997-8000 ex: 5401 English teacher
Contact Derek Walker  Derek Walker Staff
Contact Susan Watson  Susan Watson (562) 591-0581 ex: x5477 Teacher
Contact Suzette Way  Suzette Way (562) 591-0581 ex: 5434 Teacher
Contact Jenna Webb  Jenna Webb Teacher
Contact Lloyd Wilson  Lloyd Wilson Assistant Principal
Contact Francis Winters  Francis Winters (714) 272-4406 ex: 5263 Teacher
Contact Sylvia Womack  Sylvia Womack (562) 591-0581 ex: 5140 Career Center Supervisor Ext 5140
Contact John Wong  John Wong Assistant Principal
Contact Andrea Wright  Andrea Wright Teacher
Contact Dunia Zeineddine  Dunia Zeineddine (562) 591-0581 ex: 5215 Teacher
Contact Minqi Zhu  Minqi Zhu (562) 591-0581 ex: 5266 Teacher