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World Language & Music Theory In-Person AP Exam Days

May 21st onsite testing for World Languages and Music Theory. 

On in person Exam Day:

Students should:

  1. Report to exam location at the specified reporting time
  2. Check-in (unless otherwise instructed to do otherwise) 

Check-in #1:

  • Present Valid photo ID with one bar-coded sticker from AP student pack placed on back of ID
  • Receive seating assignment (you cannot exchange your seat for another)
  • Receive student pack (and scantron if it's your first AP exam)

Check-in #2:

  • Check in all electronics. You will receive a "token" and you must present this token at the end of the day to get your items back

What to bring:

  1. Several No. 2 wooden pencils with erasers
  2. Pens, black or dark blue ink only
  3. A watch (not electronic); a clock will be present in the room but you are responsible for keeping track of time for your exam
  4. Valid photo ID with one bar-coded sticker from AP student pack placed on back of ID. (School ID or driver’s license)
  5. Snack and water (No eating or drinking is permitted in the exam room but during the allotted break you can take you snack and water outside with you)

Students are prohibited from bringing:

Any type of electronics (cell phones, smart watches, iPods/MP3 players, etc). If you are found with a prohibited item, proctors are instructed to confiscate it immediately to check for breach in security. In addition, you will be dismissed from the testing room and not allowed to retest


Note: You are advised to leave your cellphones in your car or at home for the day. This is for your own benefit as every year students checking-in and checking-out electronics creates a huge bottle neck that extends the exam day unnecessarily


Backpacks (policy change): 

You will not be allowed to have a backpack in the testing room. Only plan on bringing what you need for the exam: ID, pencil, pen, snacks and water. You can store all these items in a clear ziploc bag.