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College Visits 2018-2019

ALL presentations occur in the College and Career Center.  See Sylvia Womack and Career Center Page for further information.

CIC 4-year Curriculum

CIC Course of Study 2017-2018

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CIC Course of Study 2017-2018


CIC Four-Year Curriculum

CIC General Curriculum 2017-18


Grade 9                                    Grade 10

English 1-2 Accelerated          English 3-4 Accelerated


World Geography and            Mod. World History Accel.

International Relations             or AP World History        

or AP Seminar


Physics 1-2 or Introd to          Life Science:

    Lab Physical                          Biology 1-2 Accel.

      Science Accel.


Physical Education or Sport    Physical Education or Sport


World Language YrI              World Language Yr II


Math                                 Math

   (Majority take Geometry Accel.)               (Majority take Alg 2/Trig Acc.) 


Elective                              Elective

                                                                                 (many take AP Gov/AP CompGov) 


Grade 11                            Grade 12

AP English Language            AP English Literature


US History Honors                AP US Government 

   or AP US History                   or US Gov't


Physical Science:

Chemistry 1-2                       Min 5 classes per sem to

   or Honors Chemistry            graduate from CIC  

                                            Science Elective


World Language Yr 3            World Lang. Yr 4



(Elective) Math                    Math (Elective)

Physical Education or Sport  

or Pass Waiver (Elective)      Elective

                                                    (AP recommended)  

Elective                               Elective

  (many take AP Econ)