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Drill Teams Commanders 


Drill Teams Commanders
Color Guard  C/SSG Oun, N.
Dark Knights  C/1SG Tran, R.
Regulation  C/SGT Mercado, M.
Unarmed C/SFC Khan, L.
Physical Training Teams  
Raiders C/MaJ Amores, S.



Dark Knights Exhibition Drill Team

        dark knights drill team

The Dark Knights Exhibition Drill Team is the 1st Battalion's foremost armed exhibition drill team that has consistently proved its merit as one of the best exhibition drill teams within the Eighth Brigade. The Dark Knights perform intricate and elaborate armed drill routines that reflect the spirit and attitude of Long Beach Poly and the 1st Battalion's innate desire for the pursuit of excellence. The Dark Knights are currently lead by C/1SG Tran, R.

Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team

standing at attention

The Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team is Long Beach Poly's only drill team to perform without rifles. Rather than using the exhibition prowess of a drill rifle, members of Unarmed demonstrate unrivaled uniformity and skill through the use of their own bodies. Unarmed competes along with the armed drill teams at all drill meets, proving their crucial role within the 1st Battalion. The Unarmed team is currently lead by C/SFC Boonlua, C. Alongside the team 1SG C/MAJ Khan, L.

Regulation Drill Team

regulation drill

The Regulation Drill Team was the drill team to be established at Long Beach Poly High School. Nearly matching the JROTC's 95 years of service to the community, the Regulation Drill Team is our finest example of perfection and professionalism. Through meticulous practice of the regulation and exhibition drill phases, Regulation cadets-Regulators-achieve a level of rifle mastery that is unmatched. The Regulation team is currently lead by C/2LT Mercado, M.

Color Guard

color guard

The Color Guard is responsible for the demonstration of the U.S. and California flags, the colors. During the year they present the colors at school and civic events, parades and drill meets. The Color Guard team is currently lead by C/SSG Oun, Nelson. Alongside the Novice Commander C/PFC Tapia, Esmerelda.

Raider Corps

raider corps

The Raider Corps was the first physical training introduced at Long Beach Poly's JROTC unit. The path to becoming a member of the Raider Corps is lined with strenuous physical and mental challenges that mold cadets into the leaders of the 1st Battalion. All Raiders are highly motivated cadets that have prove themselves as being the best in leadership, physical conditioning, service to their community, and unmatched discipline which enables the Raider Corps to create better leaders and citizens. The Raiders team is currently lead by C/Maj Amores, S.