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Homework Hints For Parents

During conferences with parents, we frequently hear, “there is no homework.” The point needs to be made that although no specific homework has been assigned, there is still homework: It’s called study time. We strongly recommend that all students spend a minimum of one half hour of homework/study time on each academic subject. If your son or daughter has no studying to do, he/she should read a book.


Working together, we need to stress to our young people that study, in contrast to specified homework, includes (but is not limited to):

Rewriting classroom lecture notes or lab reports.

Checking lecture notes while they are still fresh in a student’s mind; in terms of understanding material, one hour spent as soon after lecture as possible is worth several hours a few days later.

Outlining an English or Science chapter to use to review for a quiz or chapter test.

Rethinking, e.g., using foreign language vocabulary words by making up sentences and transcribing them in the foreign language.

Reviewing, e.g., reviewing theorems in geometry so one knows them verbatim and can apply them to problems not previously assigned.

Getting a good night’s sleep before a test—no cramming! Research indicates that sleep aids in “sealing in” information.


If there isn’t any studying to do----Read!!!