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Special Education

New Sensory space

There is a new sensory space for students who have special needs.  Mrs. Jimenez has orchestrated a new mural to be painted and beautify the current location of the sensory space.  The project is costly, and the Garden Club is seeking donations to make this space a reality, increasing inclusivity and environmental awareness. Click here to make a donation and help make this sensory space welcoming to all of our students who need it! Click here to see the Long Beach Unified School District coverage of this space.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an international non-profit organization created to promote friendships between people with disabilities and those without. On campus, Poly's Best Buddies chapter works to create an exclusive environment. 

president selfie

Current president Zephyr Zimmerman and Buddie President Jeremiah Malone

2015 best buddies friendship walk
2015 president, current president, and vice president at Long Beach's Best Buddies Friendship Walk

best buddies program

Best Buddies promotes friendship between people with disabilities and those without.

2015 best buddies club
2015 Best Buddies club